Twilight Photo Journal

"Twilight Photo Journal"
Book by Stephenie Meyers

This tutorial is for an animated tag, to view the animation click here

The final animated tag will be rather large in file size.

Things I used:

Random photos from the movie.

Scrapkit " Roses Are Red" by Bittersweet Designs

Fonts of choice.

Anaimation Shop with some knowledge helpful.

Graphic program of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image, 600x600 pixels.

Open all of your supplies.

2. Copy and paste the book frame as a new layer.

Create a new raster layer BEHIND the book layer.

3. Add all of the wording, elements, etc now.

4. Choose 4 photos of choice.

Apply any photo filters to them if you wish.

Using your selection tool, rectangle, trace along the top open part of the book.

C/P the first photo of choice INSIDE the selection, on the new raster layer you placed behind the book layer.

Do the same thing for the bottom frame .

Save as frame 1

Repeat this again with 2 different photos.

Now open Animation shop.

5. Open the images using the animation wizard.

If you left this tag with a transparent background, be sure to have that option checked as well in the wizard.

Now with your 2 frames open, go up to Effects->Image Transition

This will be the first option.

6. Choose the "FADE" effect.

Transition Length: 3.2 seconds

5 Frames per Second

Once you have done this for the first frame, do it again for the second frame.

Go back to the beginning of the animation and copy the very first frame.

Go to the very last frame of the tag and paste BEHIND current frame, making sure you have the very last frame highlighted.

Go back to the very last frame and highlight it again.

Andd apply the same image transition.

Press play to view the animation. If you are happy with it, add your name and save it!

You are done!

This tutorial was written on 01-23-09 at 1:00pm by pimp'd tagz