Private Dances

This is for an animated tag, please click here to view animation
"Private Dances"
Things you will need:
Tube of choice, I am using artwork by Armado Huerta and you can purchase his work here
Scrapkit of choice, I am using "Peep Show" which is a collab by the girls at "Pimp My Tags" and you can purchase their kit here
Font of choice, I used Brisa Alternates
Xenofex 2 Plugin
Graphic Program of choice, I use PSPx2
Animation Shop
Let's Begin!
1. Open a transparent image, 600x600
Flood fill if you wish.
Open all of your supplies
2. Copy and paste the frame of choice.
Copy and paste your tube of choice.
Trim any parts you do not wish to hang over the frame.
Add any drop shadows.
Add any other elements.
Create a new raster layer in your layer menu BEHIND the frame layer
3. Using your vector pre-shapes, use the circle shape and drag along the shape of the frame.
Adjust as needed.
Apply your text to the new RASTER layer, not the vector layer.
Type in "Private Dances" or any other wording of choice.
Apply a drop shadow.
Delete the vector layer.
Add any copyright info and name now,
if you do not how to apply a text to an animated tag.
4. Go up to your filters and choose the Xenofex 2 -> Constellation
My settings were:
Size: 6
Variation: 25
Edge Star Density: 19
Overall Density: 8
Overdrive: 100
Twinkle Amount: 75%
45 degree rotation
Keep original image
5. Once you have the way you like, Save as frame 1.
Hit the back button or undo button.
Simply click "Random Seed"
Save as Frame 2.
Repeat steps as many times and you would like.
I only made 3 frames.
6. Open your frames using the anaimation wizard.
{If you left the background transparent, you will need to check the "transparent" box when using the animation wizard}
Once they are opened, play animation, add name if you need save and you are done!
This tutorial was written on 01-23-09 at 11:45 am by Pimp'd Tagz