Rock Hard

This is a tutorial for a ANIMATED tag, to see the animation we will be working on click here
Things you will need:
Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of Armando Huerta and you can purchase his artwork here
Scrap Kit of choice, I am using the wonderful scrap kit by Just A Girl Designs entitled "Broken Wing" and you can purchase the kit here
Supplies included here
Font of choice
Xenofex 2 Plug-In
EyeCandy 5 : Nature
Graphic Program of choice, I am using PSPX2
Let's begin!
1. Open a transparent image, 600x600 pixels, flood fill white.
Open all of your needed supplies into your program now.
2. Copy and paste the splatter in the background, as a new layer.
Now copy and paste the paper frame included in the supplies as a new layer.
3. Using your magic wand tool, select the inside of the frame, in that layer (frame layer).
4. Create a new raster layer BEHIND the frame layer.
Go up to "selections", down to modify, and then over to expand and choose "4".
Copy and paste the paper of choice INSIDE selection.
You can now merge the paper layer and frame layer together.
5. Copy and paste the word art included as a new layer. Move as needed.
6. Copy and paste the tube of choice, I chose to make my image black and white.
If you wish to do the same, do that now.
You can do that by clicking on "effects" down to "Photo Effects" and over to "Black and White Film" and play around with the settings until you are happy with how it looks.
7. Copy and paste the wings included in her kit BEHIND the tube layer. If you happen to be using the same tube as shown, I rotated the wings 6 degrees to the left, to go with the frame and position of her body. You may also need to do this depending on the tube you are using.
Apply the Corona filter from EyeCandy, white coloring.
8. Add any other elements, words, etc.
Add your copyright information and name, if you don't know how to add a name AFTER a tag is animated.
Now we are moving on to the animated part of the tag.
We will be making each frame one at a time in PSP.
Let's begin!
A. Using your magic Wand select a area on the tag you would like to add the lightning.
Now go up to Effects, down to plug-ins and over to Xenofex 2, electrify
Here are my settings:
Arc Spacing: 17.00
Arc Length (Pixels):126.21
Arc Thickness: 20
Jaggedness: 95
Branching: 97
Branch Spread: 7
Glow Tab:
Glow Width: 38
Glow Opacity: 58
Inner Glow: #ffffff
Outer Glow: #acadd0
B. Now if you have it where you would like it, hit okay.
Save as Frame 1 or however you'd like.
D. Hit your undo or back arrow, until all you see is the "Marching Ants" around the selection you have chosen. Go back into Xenofex and hit ONLY "Random Speed".
This will change the direction of the arc but not the settings. Find one you'd like, and then hit ok.
Save as frame 2.
E. REPEAT as many times as you would like, I have a 4 frame tag.
Now open Animation shop.
Click the Animation Wizard button, which looks like a film strip with a wand over it.
Leave all settings as you have them set, and open all the frames you created in PSP.
F. Hit the "View Animation" button which is right next to the question mark.
If you are happy with it, save it and your done.
*I have my animation speed set to 45*