Be Naughty

"Be Naughty"

What you need:
Tubes of choice, I used artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
Scrap kit, "Naughty List" Collab by Sarah, TammyKat & Myself
Font of choice, I used Primavera
Graphic Program of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image

Open all of your supplies

2. C/P the star frame
Add drop shadow
Create a new raster layer behind the frame
Using your lasso tool, trace along the open area of the tube
C/P the paper of choice INSIDE the selection
C/P the tube of choice as a new layer above the paper layer
Trim as needed
3. C/P the second tube of choice
Add drop shadow
C/P the present of choice
Re-Size as needed
Add drop shadow
C/P the holly of choice
Rotate, re-size as needed
Add drop shadow
C/P bow of choice
Add drop shadow
C/P the green glitter spray behind all layers
Duplicate and drag down so it appears all around the star frame

4. Merge all layers visible
Create a new raster layer and drag it behind the tag
Go to your pre-set shapes and choose "Stars 01"
It won't be an exact match, but it is pretty similar
Stretch it so it over hangs around the frame
You can re-size this later as needed
Drag the raster layer above the vector layer
Now select your text and type what you wish
I typed "Be Naughty Save Santa The Trip"
Use a basic, slim font, I believe I used Ariel
Once you have it around the way you like, merge the text down to the raster layer
Delete the Vector layer
Now Re-Size as needed
Flip and mirror so the text is still showing the right way
Add drop shadow
Merge all layers visible
Add copyright info and name and you are done!

This tutorial was written on Nov. 13, 2009 at 10:20 PM by Pimp'd Tagz