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What you need :

Scrap kit, "Eyem Watching You" by TammyKat Designs
Fonts of choice, I used PassionsConflictROB (PTU) & Showcard Gothic
Animation Shop
Eye Candy 5 Nature : Corona

Tag Template by Me here

Let's Begin!

1. Open a transparent image
Open all of your supplies

2. *You will repeat the following step for each layer of the template*
Copy the rounded rectangle of the template and paste as a selection
Onto the paper of choice
Go to Layers>Promote Background layer
Now cut to selection
C/P onto your transparent new image
Repeat for each layer
Add drop shadows to each layer

3. C/P the silly bat
Add drop shadow
C/P a Ric Rac ribbon of choice and place in between the bottom and middle strips
Trim as needed 
Add drop shadow
C/P another Ric Rac ribbon and place under the top strip
Trim as needed
Add drop shadow
C/P the picket fence
Place under the strip layers
Trim as needed
Add drop shadow

4. Type the Word "BOO" in a font of choice
Copy the text and place on the paper of choice as a new selection
Go to layers>promote background layers
Cut to selection
C/P on to the tag
Add drop shadow

5. C/P the string of lights
Rotate 34 degrees to the left
Drag until it's just above the rounded rectangle
Add drop shadow
Trim until there is just a few lights showing
Duplicate a total of 3 times
Position as seen above
Merge all visible layers
Add any copyright info

6. Using your magic wand tool, select the 3rd green light
Go to EyeCandy and select Corona
Choose a similar color as the light
Apply Glow to your liking
Now Repeat to the 6th & 9th bulb
Save this as a PNG or JPEG as file01 or however you wish

The Next bulb should be the orange one.
And finally the last the green one.

**Open Animation Shop**

7. Open all 3 of your images into the animation wizard
Press play
If you are happy with results, save and add your name!

This tutorial was written on September 17th, 2009 at 8:45 PM 
By Pimp'd Tagz