Twilight Saga

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"Twilight Saga"

What you need:

Twilight images of choice
Scrapkit of choice, I used "The Saga", different items from each kit, By Me and you can purchase the kit here or here for the full size version
Font of choice, I used Mistral
Graphic Program of Choice

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image, 600x600 pixels
Open all of your needed supplies

2. C/P the circle frame, re-sized to 350 pixels at it's largest setting
Move to the left
Add drop shadow
C/P the red rope frame and re-size 385 pixels at it's largest setting
Drag below the circle frame layer
Add drop shadow

3. C/P the white vintage frame, re-sized to 250 pixels at it's largest setting
Rotate to the right by 15 degrees or however you desire
Position the frame as I have above
Add drop shadow
Using your Lasso tool, trim around the inner edge of the frame
Delete the areas of the wooden circle frame and the rope frame that show inside the
Vintage square frame

4. C/P the greenery of choice, there are plenty to choose from in either kit
position below all frame layers
Rotate as needed
Multiply at least twice to give a layer look
Add drop shadow
Trim any areas of the greenery that may be showing inside the frames

5. C/P the black circle ribbon
Re-Size to 300 pixels
Drag below all layers
Trim any areas showing inside the frame layers
Add drop shadow

6. C/P the small black bow and position it as shown in the sample
Add drop shadow
Add name, copyright info if needed and you are done!