Sweeter Than Honey

*This tutorial is for an animated tag, please click here to view*

"Sweeter Than Honey"

What you need:

Tube of choice, I used artwork by Elias Chatzoudis and you can purchase his work here

Scrapkit of choice, I used "XOXO" by Butterfly Blush Designs and you can purchase her kit here or here

Animation Shop

Graphic Program of choice

Let's Begin!

1. Open a transparent image 600x600 pixels

Open all of your needed supplies

Create a new raster layer

2. C/P a circle frame of choice

Add drop shadow

Using your magic wand tool, select the open area inside the frame

Got to selection->modify->expand->expand by 6

Highlight the new raster layer you created at the start

C/P the paper of choice INSIDE selection

3. C/P the tube of choice

(this would work best if you use the exact tube)

Trim any areas that may need it

Add drop shadow

Add any other elements of choice

4. Merge all layers visible

Create a new raster layer

Drag it behind the tag layer

Go to your vector shapes and choose the eclipse shape

Re-shape as needed

Highlight the new raster layer

Choose your text tool

Type the wording of choice

Add drop shadow

Merge the Text-Vector layer down to the raster layer

Delete the vector tool layer

Merge all layers visible

Add copyright info and name if you do not know how to add

Text to an animated tag

5. Using your magic wand, select the area you plan on animating

Go to "Add/Remove Noise'

Choose Monogrom and any speed will do

I started at 85

Once you have it done it, save as frame 1

Hit the undo arrow and re-do it changing the % of noise.

Do this again until you have a total of 3-4 frames

6. Open animation shop

Add all of the frames you made into the animation wizard, choose your speed

I used "10"

Be sure that your background is set to transparent if you did not

Flood fill the tag

Play animation, if you are happy with it, save and you are done!

This tutorial was written on 02-11-09 at 1:55 am by pimp'd tagz