Sexy Cupid

"Sexy Cupid"
Thing's you will need:
Artwork of choice, I am using the artwork of Scott Blair and you can purchase his work here
Scrap Kit of Choice, I am using "Be Mine Valentine" by Created By Jill and you can purchase her kit here
Font of Choice, I am using 2Peas Nevermind
Graphic Program of choice, I am using PSPX2
Let's begin!
1. Open a new transparent image 600x600.
Flood fill now with your choice of color if you do not wish to keep the tag with a transparent background.
Open all of your needed supplies.
2. Copy and paste the frame of choice.
The one I am using is from my own stash, but is PTU and can not be shared.
Over to the right of the program, choose your layer menu, and create a new raster layer BEHIND the frame layer.
Using your selection tool, trace around the frame until you have the marching ants.
Copy and paste INSIDE the selection, the paper pf choice.
(This should be done in the new layer, behind the frame)
3. Copy and paste your tube of choice.
Add any drop shadows.
4. Add any other elements, bows, etc. to the tag.
Merge all visible.

Add any copyright info and name and you are done!
This tutorial was written on 01-17-09 at 6:45 pm by pimp'd tagz