"Ms. Cupid" Tutorial
You Will Need The Following:
Tube of choice, I am using the artwork by Elias Chatzoudis
Scrap Kit of Choice, I am using "Sweetheart's Day" by Just a girl designs
and you can purchase that here
Font of Choice, I used TClescuelera Script
Paint Shop Pro or other Paint Program of Choice,
I used PSPX2
Let's Begin!
1. First, open a transparent new page in PSP.
Now if you are going to leave transparent and save it as a PNG transparent background,
Continue on with the tag, other wise, flood fill it white now.
2. Open all the supplies you plan on using into PSP.
3. Using "Sweetheart's Day", Copy and paste your first heart frame of choice in the background.
I started with the white paper heart. Posistion as you wish, I rotated free-style, 15 degrees to the right. Click on your "Magic Wand" tool and select the area inside
the heart. Go up to "Selections" then down to "modify" then over to "Expand".
I have it set to "3" but no less then 2.
Create a new layer UNDER the current layer with the heart.
Select your first choice of paper, and copy paste INTO selection, ON THE LAYER
BELOW THE HEART. You can merge the heart and paper layers together.
4. Now copy & paste the second heart choice, I choose the red glitter heart frame.
Position as you wish. I did not rotate the top heart frame. Now you will repeat #3 directions,
With the magic wand tool and the paper, etc. Only You will NOT merge the layers together.
Instead, copy and paste the tube of choice as a new layer ABOVE the paper layer in the second heart. I made this tube B&W. Trim the tube so that nothing hangs over the heart.
Now you can merge that heart, tube and paper as one layer.
5. Now copy and paste the tube again, postion as you wish, and re-size if needed. I re-sized her
80% smaller. Now copy and paste the banner included with "Sweetheart's Day".
Position as needed.
6. Add any copyright information, and remember! If you are leaving this as a PNG transparent
tag, you will need to add "corona" from Eye Candy 5: "Nature".
Mine is set at :
Glow Radius (pixels) : 9
Flare Width: 2
Stretch: 14
Waver: 0
Overall Opacity: 75
Smoothness: 65
And the Color is White.
By doing this, no matter what background your tag is on, you will still be able to
view the legal copyright information.
7. Merge all layers VISIBLE, and save!
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