"Be Mine"

Things you Will Need:
Tube of choice, I used the beautiful artwork of Barbara Jensen's
You need a license to use her work, and you can get that here
Scrapkit of choice, I am using "With Love," by me. Which is a FREEBIE
and you can grab it here
Font of Choice, I am using 2Peas "Oatmeal Cookie"
PSP or other paint program. I am using PSPX2
Let's begin!
1. Open a transparent new page, 800x800 pixels. Don't worry, you can re-size later.
Or you can always re-size as you wish. Now, My tag is in a transparent PNG format, if you see a blue square behind it, you can flood fill it with the color of your choice now.
Open all the supplies, tubes, etc. you plan on using.
2. Copy and paste the frames in place. Create a new layer BEHIND the frame(s).
Use your selection tool, retangle pre-set, and draw around the frame. Make sure the layer behind the frames is selected. If you choose a circle or heart shaped frame, you will need to use your lasso tool to trace around the frame.
3. Now copy and paste the paper(s) of your choice into the selections.
4. Copy/Paste as a new layer, the tube of choice in the first frame, on the same layer as the paper. trim away any bit of the tube showing outside of the frame.
Go into "effects", then to "Photo Effects" and then to "Black & White Film".
Choose the setting that best works for you.
Mine was set at
5. Now Copy/Paste as a new layer, the tube again, only this time you will c/p ABOVE the
frame(s). trim away any part of the legs, or other parts that you don't want to over lap.
6. Now for the petal's behind the frames, I trimmed the rose a bit and just used a little bit of it, and I kept duplicating, adding shadow, and mirroring to give it a more layered look.
Once I had one frame side done, I merged all the flower petals onto one layer and duplicated that layer and just moved them around all the frames, top and bottom.
7. Now add any other elements you wish to and merge all layers visible, add your copyright info if needed and your done!
This tutorial was written on December 31st at 2 am eastern time