Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

{ This is a animated Tutorial, Please click HERE to view the animation}

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

Things You Will Need:

Tube of choice, I am using the wonderful artwork of my good friend Keith Garvey, and you can purchase his artwork here

Scrap Kit of choice, I am using "P.S I Love You" kits created by Designs By Jill, and you can purchase her wondeful kit here and it's available in both full and tag size kits.

Paint Program of Choice, I am using PSPX2

Xenofex 2: Constellation {Plug-In}

Font of choice, I used A&S Speedway (PTU Font)

Animation Shop {If you choose to animate}

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new image, transparent or flood-fill white, 600x600 pixels

2. Open all of the needed supplies into PSP.

3. Copy paste the circular frame included in the kit, or one of choice. Choose your magic wand, selecting inside the frame. Now go up to "selections", "modify" and then "expand" at least by 3. Now create a new raster layer BEHIND the frame layer, anc copy and paste the paper of choice INTO selection.

4. Copy and paste the word included in the kit as a new layer ABOVE the frame layer. Copy and paste the tube ABOVE the frame layer, behind the WA layer. Re-Size and position as needed.

5. Add any other elements you wish at this time.

6. NOW is the time to add any copyright information needed for your tag.

7. Now we will begin the animation part of this tag. We will be creating each "frame" one by one. Using your "magic wand" tool select the words/letters you wish to add sparkle to.

8. Once you have them selected, go into your plug in and choose the following selections for this tag:

Keep Original Image

In the drop down settings menu choose Bling Bling

Star Size: 6-7 (any size between that is fine is fine, or you can make it smaller)

Size Variation: 25

Edge Star Density: 19

Overall Density: 0

Overdrive: 100

Twinkle Amount: 75%

Of course you are free to play around with the settings and make up any variation you wish.

9. Now apply this setting, right click and "select none". Save as "frame 1"

10. Now go back into PSP, hit the back or "undo" button twice, this has re-applied selection and removed the bling from the WA. Now go back into your plug-in, and ONLY click the "Random Speed" button.

11. Repeat this until you have a total of 3 to 4 frames.

12. Open animation shop.

13. Click on "Animation Wizard" which looks like a film strip with a wand over it.

14. The setting should remain the same, as you use for any other animated tag, assuming you have done this before. Upload all of your frames, making sure they stay in order, 1, 2 , etc.

15. Press the "View Animation" button, which is 2nd to last, and if you are happy with it, save it and your done!

16. Apply your name to the animated tag, if you know how to. If you do not, You should add the name PRIOR to creating each frame in PSP.

And you are DONE!

This tutorial was created on 1-12-09 at 9:30 pm by pimp'd tagz