Bella & Edward

"Bella & Edward"
(C) Summit Entertainment
Book by Stephenie Meyers
Things you will need:
Random images from the twilight movie.
Tag Template by Missy, which you can download here
(Thanks Missy!)
Scrapkit of choice, I used "Breaking Twilight" By Sarah and you can purchase her kit here
Font of choice, I used A&S Motherload
Graphic program of choice, I use PSPX2
Let's begin!
1. Open a transparent image 600x600 pixels.
Flood fill if you wish.
2. C/P as a new SELECTION the background part of the template, the rounded rectangle,
On to a paper of choice.
Delete the image from the layer menu to your right.
Go up to Layer->promote background layer
Now crop the image.
You should have a rounded rectangle with a transparent background.
C/P that to your new image as a new layer.
*You will be repeating this step with each part of the template*
3. C/P as a new selection, the word art to your paper of choice, and repeat the steps above.
Add drop shadow if you wish.
C/P the squares to a paper of choice, repeating the steps above.
Add those to the tag as well, adding drop shadow.
C/P the heart to a paper of choice and repeat the steps above.
Add drop shadow.
4. Resize the squares ON the TEMPLATE, not the tag, 90% smaller.
Using your selection tool, rectangle, trace along one of the squares.
Crop to selection.
5. C/P as a SELECTION, the small square to your image of choice.
Repeat the steps above, making it a transparent background.
Paste onto the tag as a new layer and position where needed.
Repeat again if you are using 2 seperate images.
6. Merge all layers visible.
Add any copyright info or name and you are done!
This tutorial was written on 01-26-09 at 1:20 pm by Pimp'd Tagz