Bad Girlfriend

"Bad Girlfriend"
Things you will need:
Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of FedX2K and you can purchase his work here
Scrap Kit of choice, I am using "Bad Girlfriend" by Missy and you can purchase her kit here
Font of choice, I used 2Peas Tasklist
Black Cardboard Frame here
(Right click and save)
Mask of choice
Graphic program of choice, I am use PSPX2
Let's Begin!
1. Open a transparent image, 600x600
Flood fill if you wish.
Open all of your supplies.
2. Apply mask to paper of choice.
Re-Size as needed.
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Copy and paste frame included.
Add any drop shadows.
Copy and paste tube of choice.
Add drop shadow if you wish.
3. Add any other elements included in her kit.
Add copyright info.
Add name.
You are DONE!
This tutorial was written on 01-21-09 at 5:15 pm by Pimp'd Tagz