Hallow Eve

"Hallow Eve"

Artwork by Kieth Garvey

Scrap Kit by Pimp'd Designz, "Boo-tiful" which is an
exclusive at Totally Sweet Designz.

Font of choice, I used "Mad Beef"

Graphic Program of choice, I use PSP X2

Let's Begin!

1. Open all of your supplies into PSP.

2. Create a new transparent image. I always start out with a 800x800
square image, just so I know I have enough room.

3. C/P the star frame from the kit. Resize as needed.
I resized mine at 60%.
Rotate slightly to the left.
Sharpen image.
Add drop shadow.
Create a new raster layer behind the frame layer.

2. Using your lasso tool, trace along the frame edge.
C/P the paper of choice into selection on the new raster
layer you created behind the frame.
Add drop shadow to the frame layer.

3. Choose a paper of your choice for the "circle".
Your circle size depends on your initial tag size.
You can resize this at anytime. 
Using your selection tool, circle, trace out a circle shape.
Go to Layers>Promote Background layer
Crop to selection.
Open a new raster image.
Flood fill white.
C/P the newly created circle onto the white filled image
as a new selection.
Go to Selection>modify>expand>4
Crop to selection.
C/P the circle behind the frame/paper layers.
Add drop shadow.
Repeat this step for the rounded rectangle.
*I didn't add a white border around mine, but you can if you wish.

4. C/P the tube of choice above all layers.
Resize as needed.
Add drop shadow.
Using your close up tube (if available), C/P the 
close up image above the paper layer within the frame
Re-Size as needed and trim around the frame so there isn't
anything hanging out.
I chose to make mine B&W.

5. C/P the spiderweb from the kit above the tube layer inside
the frame. 
Resize and trim as needed.
Add drop shadow.
C/P the crow from the kit above the frame layer.
Resize as needed.
Add drop shadow.
C/P the glitter splatter of choice behind all layers.
Resize as needed and place behind the star frame area
or where you'd like.

Add name and copyright info and your done!

This tutorial was written on October 1st, 2013 at 9:35 AM by Pimp'd Designz