What you need:

Tube of choice, I used artwork by Elias Chatzoudis

Font of choice, I used Vujahday Flourish

Graphic Program of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image
Open all of your supplies

2. Open a second transparent image flood fill white
You will be using this image over again
Open your Mat from the kit and C/P as a new selection on the filled white image
Go to selection>modify>5
Crop to selection
(Remember these steps, this will be repeated through out the tutorial, only modifying the # which will drop to 3 through out the remainder of the tutorial)
C/P as a new layer to your original transparent image
Add drop shadow

*For each element and tube you use, repeat the above steps, remembering to drop the selection # down to 3)

I used the following elements:
Orange thorns
Spider Web
Frame of choice
Paper of choice (above step not needed)
Bat (Duplicated and mirrored)
Blood Splatter (Above step not needed)
Word Art of Choice

Once you have applied a white border around everything, Be sure to add a drop shadow for depth.

Add copyright info and name and your done!

This tutorial was written on October 23rd, 2011 at 4:45 PM by Pimp'd Designz