True Blood : Bad Things

True Blood : Bad Things

What you need:

Scrap Kit, "True Blood" by TammyKat Dezigns
Font of choice I used True Blood and Tekton Pro Cond
Filmstrip Frame by Designs by Sarah
True Blood Images from the Web
Graphic Program of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open two new transparent images
Open all of your supplies

2. Flood fill one of the images white and add noise (% doesn't matter, whatever you like)
Open a paper of choice
Using your selection tool, Circle, trace out a good size circle on the paper
Promote background layer and crop to selection
C/P the circle to the noise-filled image as a new selection
Go to selection>modify>expand>5
Crop to selection
C/P the circle to your transparent image
Add drop shadow
Do the same step for the second shape, rounded-rectangle

3. Open the filmstrip frame of choice
Re-Size as needed (mine is 650 pixels in length)
C/P to a paper of choice
Delete frame layer
Promote background layer
Crop to selection
Open a second paper
C/P the new frame as a new selection
Go to selection>modify>expand>2
Promote background layer
Crop to selection
C/P the frame one more time as a new selection to the image that is filled with the noise
(Hit the undo arrow enough times until everything but the noise is there)
Go to selection>modify>expand>2
Crop to selection
C/P the frame to tag image
Add drop shadow

4. C/P the blood splatter of choice behind all layers
Repeat enough times to make it surround the tag
C/P another blood splatter behind the frame layer
C/P the blood bag from the kit above the frame layer
Re-Size as needed
Create a new raster layer behind the frame layer
Using your lasso tool, trace along the open area of the frame, one at a time and C/P the images of choice into selection for each area of the frame
Add any wording of choice, I typed out my wording then I C/P it to a paper of choice as a new selection and cropped it to selection
Then I added it to the noise filled image and did the same step I did with the frame
Then I applied a drop shadow

Add any copyright info and name and your done!

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