Emo Girlz Rock

Emo GIrlz Rock
What you need:

Scrap Kit, "Emo Girlz Rock" Mix-n-Match Collab by the girls at PMTW/S
Tube of choice, I used artwork by VeryMany
Font of choice, I used Romance Fatal Goth
Animation, PulseSparkle, by Missy HERE [thank you]
Graphic Program of choice, I use PSPX2
Animation Shop
Let's Begin!
1. Open a new transparent image
Open all of your supplies

2. C/P the print of choice from TammyKat's kit
Add drop shadow
C/P the half-tone of choice from PolkaDot Scraps kit
Re-Size as needed
C/P the silver circle frame from TammyKat's kit
Re-Size as needed
Add drop shadow
Create a new raster layer behind the frame layer
Using your lasso tool, trace along the open area of the frame
C/P the paper of choice into the selection
C/P the tube of choice above the frame layer
Re-Size as needed
Add drop shadow
3. Open the animation of choice or the one I used into Animation Shop
*We will start the animated process now, please add any copyright and name now*
For each frame of the animation, you will be C/P that frame above the paper layer of your tag
After each frame is copied, save as frame1 or however you wish.
Once saved, click the "undo" arrow in PSP and repeat until all frames are copied.
Open your frames in the Animation Wizard inside AS
Press play, and if your happy with results, save and your done!
This tutorial was written on Match 30, 2011 at 9:30PM by Pimp'd Tagz