If I was Your Vampire II

"If I was Your Vampire II"

What you need:
Tube of choice, I used artwork by Irene Shpak
Scrap kit, "If I was your vampire" by Me
Fonts of choice, I used MarchMadnessNF and Vanilla Boys
Graphic program of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image
Open all of your supplies

2. C/P the green square frame from the kit
Re-Size as needed
Rotate 7 degrees to the left
Add drop shadow
Create a new raster layer behind the frame layer
Using your lasso tool, trace along the frame opening
C/P the paper of choice inside the selection
C/P the tube of choice
Duplicate and drag behind the frame layer once you have it in place
Select the top tube layer
Trim as needed to give it a 3D look
Trim the bottom tube layer
Add drop shadow to the bottom tube layer
Duplicate the top tube layer
Increase size of image so it is large enough to clearly see the apple 
(If using the same tube)
Using your lasso tool, trace along the apple in the tube
Go to Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Colorize
Select the red color of your choice
De-select everything
Go to your layer menu and choose "Hard Light" or the setting of your choice

3. C/P the gold glitter behind all layers
C/P the blood stain of choice above the glitter layer
C/P the tulle circle 
Re-Size as needed
Add drop shadow
C/P the spider web above tulle circle
Re-Size as needed
Add drop shadow
C/P the moon behind the spider web layer
Re-Size as needed
Add drop shadow
C/P the mist of choice above the moon layer

4. Open a new transparent image
Type the text of choice, or the wording I used
C/P the tube you used repeatedly behind the text layer
Once satisfied, using your magic wand tool, select inside each letter
Copy the text outline layer
Delete the text layer
Go to selection>expand>4
Crop to selection
C/P the text outline layer above the graphic text fill
Position as needed
Add drop shadow
Merge layers visible

Add copyright info and name and your done!

This tutorial was written on 10.12.10 at 10:45 AM by Pimp'd Designz