Edward Cullen

"Edward Cullen"

What you need:
Tube of choice, I am using artwork by Eugene Rzhevskii
Tag Template, Edward 01 by me available here
*This may be used in other tutorials, please direct them here to download
Scrap kit of choice, I used "Vampire Girl", which is part of the Twi-Girls bundle here
Font of choice, I used Twilight
Graphic Program of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image
Open all of your supplies

2. For each layer of the template, you will need to C/P the template layer
to the paper of choice as a new selection, promote background layer, and crop to selection.
I added noise at 50% monochrome, to each white layer of the template.

3. C/P the tube of choice above the small square frames
Trim and re-size as needed
Go to your drop down menu in the layer area and choose "Hard Light" or any other setting of your choice.
I made my tubes in this area B&W
Duplicate tube and flip for the other side.
C/P the larger tube as a new layer above the other tube layers
Add drop shadow

4. C/P the sparkle element above the larger circle layer
Duplicate and drag above the 2 small square frame
C/P the light element 01 behind the large tube layer
C/P the grass element behind the 2 square layers
Add drop shadow
C/P the moon element behind the grass element
C/P the blue glitter element behind all layers
Duplicate and drag to the lower area of the tag as shown above
C/P the piano keys behind the 2 square frames
Duplicate and place on the other side
Trim as needed
C/P the chess piece above the long strip 
Add drop shadow

Add copyright info and name and your done!

This tutorial was written on March 18, 2010 at 4:15PM by Pimp'd Tagz