Our Meadow

"Our Meadow"
*Re-sized poorly by blooger, click image to see @ 100%*

What you need:

Graphics of choice, I used 2 different images from "Twilight"
(c) Summit Entertainment
Based on a novel by Stephanie Meyers
Scrapkit of choice, I used a VERY beautiful kit by Sunf over at Urban Fairytales and her kit is called Twighlight and it's FTU! Poke around her blog, she has TON of awesome FREEBIES!
I also used a free frame of hers, ValentineFrame and you grab that here
Font of choice, I used Twilight
Graphic Program Of choice, I use PSPX2

Let's Begin!

1. Open a transparent image, 600x600 pixels
Open all of your supplies

2. C/P the frame of choice, if you using hers rotate it 90 degrees to the right
Create a new raster layer behind the frame layer
Using your magic wand tool, select the open area inside the heart shape
Go to selection->modify->expand->8

3. C/P the paper of choice INSIDE the selection
C/P your first image of choice as a new layer behind the frame layer
Trim around the edges after you have positioned properly
Repeat with the second image
I chose to make one image B&W, and you can do this in your photo editing tools

4. C/P the checkerboard floor that is slanted and faded as a new layer behind the image layers
C/P any other elements of choice, I used her chess piece, Cloud, flower and grass
Using the grass, I trimmed it so it would appear to be coming from the frame
Add drop shadows to elements

Add any copyright info and name and you are done!
*I C/P the font as a new selection on the red paper included in her kit, deleted the font layer and then cropped to selection, promoting the background layer first.
Then I C/P the new font/name as a new selection to a glitter filled image
Then, going to selection->modify->expand->2
And cropping to selection
Then adding drop shadow*

This tutorial was written on April 10th, 2009 at 5:25 AM by Pimp'd Tagz