Dark Angel

*This tutorial is for an animated tag, please click here to view*

Things you will need:

Tube of choice. I used artwork by Ismael Rac and you can purchase his work here
Scrapkit of choice, I used "You are my life now" which is a freebie kit by me and you can
download it here
Black Angel Wings, By me and you can download them here (right click and save)
*These are not to be used in ANY other tutorial supplies*
Graphic program of choice
Animation Shop
EyeCandy 5 Plug In (Constellation)

Let's Begin!

1. Open a new transparent image 600x600 pixels.
Flood fill if you wish.
Open all of your supplies.

2. C/P your frame of choice as a new layer.
Add a dropshadow.
Create a new raster layer in your layer menu, BEHIND the frame layer.
Using your selection tool, Rectangle, trace along the open area of the frame.
C/P your paper of choice INTO the selection on you new raster layer.

3. C/P your tube of choice.
C/P the black wings as a new layer behind the tube layer.
Add any other elements.
Add drop shadows.
Add your copyright info and name.
Merge all layers visible.

*We are now going to be working on the animated portion of this tutorial.
I am assuming that you have a working knowledge of animation shop, as I will not be going
step by step in the next process. And there will be a lot of repeating.*

4. Using your magic wand tool, select the areas in which you want the sparkle to be applied.
Hold down the shift key for multiple areas.
Go to your constellation plug-in and choose "bling-Bling"
And be sure that the "Keep Original Color" is filled in.
Adjust the size as you wish. Mine were set quite small.
Once you have your first selection the way you like it, hit ok.
De-select the area.
Save as "frame 1"
Go back and hit the back button or "undo" until the bling is removed and the same
area is selected again.
Go back to your filter and hit "Random Speed".
Choose one you like go back, de-select, save as frame 2.
Repeat until you have 3-4 different frames.

5. Now open up animation shop.
Open the frames using your animation wizard.
If you created this as a PNG you will need make sure that the background is checked to stay
Click play, if you are satisfied with it, save and add your name.

This tutorial was written on 02-03-09 at 8:30 pm by pimp'd tagz