Once Upon A Time........

"Once Upon A Time..."
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Things you will need:
Tubes of choice, I used the artwork by Elias Chatzoudis, which you can purchase here
Scrapkit of choice, I am using "Sensual Daydreams" by Bittersweet Designs and you can purchase her kit here
Font of choice
Let's begin!
1. Open a transparent image, 600x600 pixels.
Open all of your need supplies
2. Create a new Raster Layer now.
C/P the book frame or any frame of choice as a new layer.
Using your selection tool, rectangle, trace along the frame opening.
copy and paste a background image or paper of paper of choice INTO selection
in the layer BEHIND the frame layer.
Do this for both frames, if needed.
3. Copy and paste your tube or tubes of choice now.
Apply any filter effects, re-size, and trim any part of the tube you
do not wish to show now.
Add any drop shadows.
4. Behind all layers, should be the very last layer, transparent, with nothing empty on it.
Highlight that in your layer menu.
You are now going to copy and paste the flowers and leaves around the frame.
You may need to rotate, re-size, etc.
Be sure to add drop shadows so it has a layered look to it.
5. Apply any copyright info, name and you are done.
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