Bad Kitty

"Bad Kitty"
(This was re-sized badly thanks to blogger, please click the image to view at 100%)
Things you will need:
Tube of choice, I am using the artwork of my friend Keith Garvey and you can purchase that here
Scrap Kit of Choice, I am using "Girly Pink" By Butterfly Blush Designs and you can purchase her kit here
Font of choice
Graphic Program of Choice, I am using PSPX2
Let's Begin!!!
1. Open a new, transparent image, 600x600 pixels.
Open all of your needed supplies.
2. Copy and paste the frame of choice as a new layer.
Using your magic wand, click the area within the circle frame, or other frame.
Go up to "Selections", "Modify" and over to expand.
Expand by 4 pixels.
Now go over to your layer menu, which is over to your right, and create a new raster layer BEHIND the frame layer. Now while that is highlighted in the layer menu,
copy and paste WITHIN the selection the paper of choice.
2. Choose a large block font and create a word art, "Bad Kitty" if you are using the same type of tube as is shown in this tutorial, or any wording of your choice.
Add a drop shadow if you wish.
3. Copy and paste your tube of choice. A tube that is horizontal works best for this tutorial.
Add a drop shadow if you wish.
4. Add any other elements you would like, and now add your copyright information and name.
You are done!!
This tutorial was written on 01-16-09 at 8:20 PM by Pimp'd Tagz