Magical Fairy

{Non Animated Version Shown Above}
This tutorial is for an animated tag, To see the animated version, Click HERE
Difficulty Level : ***** {5}
What You Need:
Paint Shop Pro or similar program. I am using PSPX2
Animation Shop {For the animated Version}
Tube of your choice, I am using the artwork of Suzanne Wollcott you can purchase her work here
Scrap Kit or Elements of your Choice. I am using "Enchanted Forest" By Milla and Madame Mim, Which can be purchased here
Mason Jar created by Maya found here
Mask and font of your choice
{In order to do the animated version, You will need to know how to extract, which is why this was rated high in difficulty}
Let's Begin!
First, Open your program and start a new image with the background color of your choice, 500x500 pixels.
Open your tube, and supplies into the program as well.
Now, what I did was build around the tube, keeping all of my layers open or un-merged.
Re-size anything, as needed.
(If you decide to create the fireflies, all I did was create 4 small circles, flood fill them a golden yellow, and use the Corona filter found in EyeCandy 4000 and adjust it a little each time, per frame {see below})
*Now is the best time to place any needed copyright information*
Once the tag is how you'd like it, Open another new image, with a transparent background.

Go back to your tag, and go to the layer that has your tube.
Start extracting the first wing.
"Cut" the first wing, and paste it on the new image background.
Repeat this with the second wing.
Now copy and past the tube, without the wings attached.
Paste it on the same transparent background as the wings.
Move the wings back in place, behind the tube, keeping all the layers "open".
Once they are aligned perfectly, remove the tube so only the wings are present.
Now merge those 2 layers together, and hit "copy".

Now go back to your tag and paste them behind the tube missing the wings.
And replace them back behind the tube.
Now go up to "Adjust" and go down to "Blur" and over to "Gaussian Blur".

Now we will be making each frame individually in PSP and then put it together in Animation Shop.
The first setting should be set at Radius: 1
Save this image as "1".
Hit "Undo" or the back arrow, and go back to "Gaussian Blur",
The second setting should be set to Radius: 3.
Repeat this, going up each odd number until you get to 7.
7 will be the last frame.
Now go to animation shop and click the first little image under "file"
called the "Animation Wizard".
A box will pop up and the settings should be set as follows:
*Same size on the first image frame
*Opaque and the color should be white
The third box does not apply so just hit next...
*Yes, repeat animation
Now you will need to add the images..whatever you named them. I always name mine 1, 2, 3 etc.
Now push Play, and it should look like the animated version above in the link.
Add your name, and you are done!
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This tag and tutorial was created November 2nd 2008
Any similarity to any other tutorial is simply by chance.