Wanna Play???

"Wanna Play???"

What you need:
Tube of choice, I used artwork by Ismeal Rac
Scrapkit of choice, I used "Spooktacular" by me
Glitter of choice, I used "Spooktacular" glitter by me

Font of choice, I used Twinkle by Rob {PTU}
Tag Template #3 by Mirella here 
Animation Shop
Eye Candy 5 : Impact Gradient Glow

Let's Begin!

1. Open a transparent image
Open all of your supplies

2. For each layer of the template, C/P as a new selection
onto the paper of choice, promote background layer, delete template layer
from paper and crop to selection.
Add drop shadow as needed
For the wording, I used black glitter
Applied the same way as the template layers
Add gradient glow, outside, white in color.
Add drop shadow

3. C/P the tube of choice
Duplicate and drag behind the center strip of paper in the template
Increase size to 300% so its easier to see
Lower opacity on the top tube layer so you can see where to trace
Cute the top layer so it appears that the tube leg is behind the paper
Add drop shadow to bottom tube layer
Duplicate top tube layer and click the "eye icon" on the layer menu so you can't see it.
C/P the included pumpkins with this tube or some of your own.
Add drop shadows to each
Duplicate each pumpkin layer, and click the top layer of each pumpkin so it's unseen.
Add any other elements, copyright info and name now.

* We will now start creating each frame*

4. Increase size again so it's easier to see.
Using your lasso tool, trace along the face of the bottom pumpkin, 
holding now the shift key so you can highlight all areas of the face at once
Or you can do one area at a time
Go to plugins>eyecandy5 impact> gradient glow>inside glow>white
Repeat this step to the top pumpkin layer you can see

5. Moving on to her shirt, go to the layer you can see of the top layer
of the tube and using your lasso tool again, trace along the face of the pumpkin.
Go to effects>photo effects>And the following settings:

 Click ok and select none.

6. Now choose the top pumpkin layer with glow.
The bottom pumpkin layer without glow.
And tube girl layer with effects applied
Save as frame one.
Now choose the opposite layers and save as frame two.

*Open animation Shop*

7. Open the 2 frames inside animation wizard
Choose frame speed of 25
Press play and if you are happy with the outcome, save and you are done!

This tutorial was written on October 7th, 2009 at 8:20 AM by Pimp'd Tagz